The world of tailoring cover a very large number of products. If we think about the great diversification of products combined with the mix of textilies that can be used (structure and quality), we can mark a matrix with many dimensions and highly complex. The clothing industry is made by considerably different compartments. The main production lines tha "Orchidea Blu" can realize are

  • Men's line
    • Informal line: pants, jerkin
    • Linen line: external, intimate (pajamas, nightshirt)
  • Women's line
    • Outwear line; suit, overcoat, paltò
    • Dress line: coordinated, skirt-blouse, dresses
    • Linen line: blouses, slip, nightdresses, dressing gowns
  • Unisex line
    • Sport set, jeans, realted products, work uniforms
  • Baby line
  • Boy and girl line
  • Cassock, soutane

These lines can be more specified in order to identify collections of individual products, Among these, mainly:

  • Knitwear products (men/women) not knitted dropped but assembled in overlock machine
  • Skirt and dresses for women
  • Underwear for men, women
  • Overcoats for men, women and kidsh
  • Miscellaneous: this category includes some of minor productions as accessories, shirts, nautical clothing, tracksuit, ecc.