Story of Cooperative

Story of cooperative company "Orchidea Blu"

A team that loves to create

The producting and working cooperative company Orchidea Blu was launched on 6th November 1984 in Cittanova. It was a remarkable event, not just because of the establishment of a company, that was an usual happening during the last three decades, but mostly because it was founded only by young women. From the 1984, even in Cittanova, it was going to set the preconditions for the crossing of a long period in which historically women worked only in the house or occupied irrelevant positions in the weak local production process or, in the best case, in the not productive tertiary services.

The choice of the business sector could not be more appropriate and consistent, especially in the in-series packaging sector for clothing and knitted articles which are increasingly expanding on national, european and worldwide level. After several years from its inception, the company can proudly claim to have gone beyond most of the many problems that companies have to face in the early years of their existence and, for the most, it happened thanks to the strong will of all the members to succeed, even if the community assert that was a difficult challenge for our territory.

And also it was thanks to the President Giulia Mandaglio’s firmness and the excellent working relationships that she has established with many companies in the northen Italy that it was possible to have the opportunity for most of the members of the company to obtain qualification courses in order to improve their abilities. Lately, the company can see the results that it has so long pursued by introducing in its production cycle the commission cutting, the garment testing by washing and drying of the entire production for the northen european and international markets like US and Japan, with the operations of finishing garments ready for the store.

The main purposes of Orchidea Blu are to enlarge its space in order to introduce more tecnological equipments and, consequently, other productive cycles, never forgetting its prospective of hiring and preparing high qualified staff and its primary goal to produce and deal one day its own brand.

From 2000 to 2012, Orchidea Blu produced, in exclusive for Italy, the annual collection for Kristensed©, the danish company leader worldwide in fashion sector.